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The Avalon | 4/9/2006
The Avalon was the shit!!!! We fucked it up good and proper when we stepped in. Delivering nothing but the fullest, we definately knocked some heads. A new arsenal of shit with the same attitude you all love. Trust me, you gotta come see us live. We won't dissappoint you.
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Aptos club | 10/7/2005
Fuck Yea!!!! We rocked it hard as FUCK! The energy was intense, the drinks were strong and we had a great time kicking the shit out of our set and all who heard! I'd play at this club again anytime!! Special thanks to our friends in BULLETRIDE for hookin' it up! Ya'll are cool as fuck and we greatly appreciate gettin' this gig for us. I'd say more, but I really don't wanna. Peace.
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