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Kevin | Would you like a cup of evolution with your death? 9/25/2006

  Unrecognizable deception, forsaken soul in this spiraling depression. Break this self-induced confusion and wake up- rebirth, no longer a seed locked in winter’s icy gaze. Choose the path of your self-identity or DIE, but choose and end this indecision. Look inward, be not fooled into thinking the road to passion is without sacrifice. Far too often we are led to believe this road is smooth while, it is, with few exceptions a nebulous laden with pitfalls and treacherous scavengers who have set themselves to feast upon the carnage of your fallen dreams. Empty voids strive to fill themselves for personal gain, fueling an insatiable other worldly greed. What kind of ideological madness is this which drives men to kill each other over nothing more than electrical impulses, passed deep in the cranial core, from axon to dendrite? How can we open the lock to a higher evolution? Children hold this mangled key, beset on all sides by hate so deep it seems to permeate the very soul from the time conception. Enclosed in this toxic amnion, warped and nurtured by caustic beliefs these are freedom’s unborn enemies. Happy ending are the things of Hollywood, man-made rainbows of packaged emotions carefully crafted to blind us from the important things in life, keeping the mind weak and the consumer impulse strong. Shield your eyes from the injustice of the world like so many UV rays, smile and bask contentedly, since such atrocities only occur in far off lands to souls with only indecipherable names, not in the American consumer’s backyard. Malice, after all, is not in apathies’ nature you’re just to busy living your life in a state of unimaginable comfort. Just THINK!!! Have you thought for one fucking second what this great American dreamscape costs our world??? This cost, paid daily in blood and tears, should be enough to shame us to our very souls…yet why hasn’t it?

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