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Kevin | Frauds, Fakes, & Phonies 5/26/2006

  ***We all dawn masks, at some point, which are contrary to our true selves. This has definatly saved my ass a couple of times when I found myself in the company of unsavory individuals who happen to not be the most upstanding citizens. A problem arises ,however, when people begin to live the mask and not themselves.***

Are you frustrated with those people that are always asking favors, promising the world in return, and somehow the kindness just never seems to be repaid, be it intentional or not? Get overs, I've noticed for the most part, tend to be quite hypocritical people. Now don't get me wrong we are all guilty of hypocritical acts and I am most certainly not an acception. These maniquens of oppertunity pledge thier undying allegence to frendship or causes only as long as it serves thier ows self-centered needs. These people will drop you like pyroclastic ash as soon as thier avenue of interest has evaporated or thier gaze has been drawn in by something more "interesting". Set these creatures free for they are vultures cloaked by smiles and masks of friendship and devotion. These people feed you lies as if they were spoonfulls of baby food comming in for the landing. Exice these toxins from your life. Be no longer subjected to the unearned guilt, subtle mental abuse, and deciet, all the while facing the fact that it is equaly your fault as well for letting such a decedent cycle continue. Allow them to be free to move on to colonize vigin pastures of friendship, spreading the spores of hollowness like somesort of midevil plague. Purge yourself of the soul stealing toxins brought about by a cognative dissonance so tangable it leaves the taste of hate in your mind and on your heart. Ignor what is petty drama made out to be great trials and tribulations in a cruel and unforgiving world were thing never seem to go thier way. Save your tears for someone else and try investigating the philosophy of existentialism. Oh, or better yet, if your not a book person, learn about it like I did. Plop yourself down in front of your favorite radiation box and tune into one of those documentaries about life on the African Serrengettie. ...The mother must leave her young in order to continue the relentless and daunting search for food in this harsh environment, meanwhile her young are left completely defenseless as the hungry hyena lurks nearby.....You know what happenes next...Life sucks. Live for yourself and the ones who truly love you, for this reality, this dimension, this postmortem dream is a downward spiral from the start and you have to make the most out of the ride because death moves quickly, is always on our shoulders, and you can't save someone from themselves no matter how you try.

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