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  Welcome to the BTS Journals, aka Blogs.
Latest entries:

Doug: What? | 4/3/2007
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Kevin: Would you like a cup of evolution with your death? | 9/25/2006
Unrecognizable deception, forsaken soul in this spiraling depression. Break this self-induced confusion and wake up- rebirth, no longer a seed locked in winterís icy gaze. Choose the path of your ...
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Doug: ????? | 9/18/2006
Does this fucking thing still work? This is a fucking test of this fucking damn internet fucking web site. I should do this more often...it feels great to fucking yell FUCK! It would be even ...
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Kevin: Frauds, Fakes, & Phonies | 5/26/2006
***We all dawn masks, at some point, which are contrary to our true selves. This has definatly saved my ass a couple of times when I found myself in the company of unsavory individuals who happen ...
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Kevin: Check 1-2-1-2 Is this thing on? | 5/19/2006
Damn we've had this thing for days and I'm just getting to it. Had to admit that I was kinda hesitent to do this,and at first I thought it was a pretty lame idea. But then someone in the ...
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