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Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface; to understand our music, start with our name. If all you hear are the words then you’ve completely missed the point. If you have never heard us live, you will never fully understand.

We deeply respect and celebrate how often musically and politically we so profoundly disagree. What fascinates us is how rewarding that disagreement can be. And so our music reflects our hatred as well as our love; of each other and everything else…

Physically, mentally and spiritually; the natural state of catharsis that comes from dissonance and resolution creates the addiction to performance that keeps our crew on point.

When we play we show love to all our equal peoples. Almost every band we have ever played with we now count as friends. Yes, we do get into confrontations (as you may have heard) we will tell you to go fuck yourself if you need to be told.

We are bold, willfully. Like our music, we clash with our society as we do within ourselves. Confounding the hypocrisy of all that we don’t fight against, we genuinely give a damn about everyone we’ve ever known or ever met. If you know us, you are in. Hate all you want, we still honor the connection of when we were all at our best.

Our sound has many influences; yet we remain unique. Labeled everything from Death Metal to Melodic Hard Core, we will not be pigeon holed by people we’ve never met.

Always striving to piss each other off, we continuously delight in the wickedness of our misery. So go ahead, judge us, ‘cause we''re sure
as hell judging you…<3


None of the band members agree about much of anything other than how divine their own right to play or perform how every they please...so this lil diddy was submitted by Mr. Cardoza in the absence of consensus...threrefore it is intended to be offensive to anyone who would bother reading these words out of hate and revel in the discomfort... =.~

*******WE APPOLOGIZE*******
(may or may not)

Be OFFENDED by this or any other such statements of the truth or jokes that went over your head...

**********K? Thx, Bye********
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