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About Beneath the Surface
2007...a particularly fucked up year of doubt and pain...

2006...lots of new shit and were hungry to throw it at you...dont go away!

2005...BTS still recovering from physical (and at times mental) injuries managed to play some kick ass local shows and started molding our sound towards the future...stick around...you thought we were pissed off before!

2004…racked with surgery and injuries, BTS performed monthly at best. Yet we persevered through the kind of hardships that would easily destroy most bands; releasing the long awaited EP “Rising” selling over 2,000 copies hand to hand in the scene; but that was the good news…

2003…was when BTS really started to make contributions to the scene with the very popular song “Solution” which was played regularly on local radio stations through out the bay.

2002…“Game Day” which for a time was practically the band’s theme song, was released locally. This was the year that BTS first began to gel as a band, playing forgettable gigs and house parties all over northern California.

2001…Written and performed on numerous occasions well in advance of 911 “Diseased” was released locally in response to the fear and silence that gripped our nation as the Patriot Act was just beginning to sink in.

In the beginning…

Beneath the Surface was founded in 1999 by childhood friends Gabriel Cardoza, Jeffery LaBarge, Joel Demaderios, Kevin McCue and Randy Gray. Scott Cardoza (Gabe’s brother) joined in spring of 2000, adding a psychedelic vocal presence to the music.

Also in 2000: bassist Kenny, guitarist Matt Riella and drummer Mac Dillon joined BTS. This lineup created an 8 piece double powerhouse, which by its own rights was a great idea, but short lived nonetheless.

Due to creative differences and other circumstances, Mac, Matt, and Kenny left the band in late fall of 2000. A year later, Drummer Joel Demaderios left to pursue his music career in Des Moines, Iowa.

Drummer Doug Baker joined in Early Spring of 2001 bringing an old-school almost thrash feel to the music. This was an incredible shift of momentum considering the prior frustrations.

The music became hard and in your face delivering an explosive live performance that charges the audience with raw aggression, yet still deep and subtle enough to entrance the individual listener.


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